This is the oldest part of the Alhambra. It was the defensive area of the complex, where the army was garrisoned.

Mohammed I built a wall around the castle and built three towers: the Torre del Homenaje, the Torre de la Quebrada and the Torre de la Vela. When the royal palaces had finally been finished and the King moved there, the Alcazaba was turned into a military fortress.

The Torre de la Vela is the largest tower of the fortress. When the Christians captured Granada, they brought a bell with them called ‘La Vela’, which they used to signal their victory. It was also used as a night signal to notify to the farmers on the plains that they could water their fields. From the top of the tower, you will see an amazing panoramic view of the city, the Sierra Nevada and the surrounding villages.

The floor plan of the Alcazaba is an irregular rectangular shape and has two separate precincts: an outer area that serves as a defensive wall and a second inner precinct, which is raised. The Jardines de los Adarves are located at the entrance of the Alcazaba and from here you can enjoy an amazing view of the city.