Focus on Europe

– Informations, training and development of European programs in Andalusia.

– Promotion and development of training plans for the incorporation and use of new technologies to all citizens and businessmen, providing them with information, training and help in processing for all kinds of European projects.

– Approach international activities as a global process with a view of improvement of the employment, training, professional situation, and in general, the overall improvement of Andalusia.

– Bring to the youth collective all the information available on initiatives community, international programs and European mobility programs, with aim in order to improve the qualification of this group.

– Achieve the maximum dissemination of job and/or academic offers in the countries Europeans.

– Bring information and results of projects and research to the population carried out in European training plans.

– Inform and enable transnational mobility for Andalusians.

– Develop methods and services that allow intercultural learning and linguistic.

– Promote awareness of European citizenship.

– Consolidate knowledge of other cultures and ways of European life.

– Use the promotion of European values ​​as a means of preventing racist and xenophobic attitudes.

– Promote discussion and treatment of social problems: unemployment, racism, environment, climate change, poverty, crime, alcoholism, prostitution, social exclusion, inclusion of disadvantaged people (especially people with disabilities), from an area transnational, enabling the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the European towns and cities.

– Provide services that facilitate the most difficult tasks when programming European activities, such as contact search, special information of difficult access, translations, completion of forms, location and contact of partners, and any other activity that helps promote and develop Europeans programs.

– Collaborate actively with different organizations and public and private institutions related to our objects.

– Promote and maintain the exchange of professional experiences between partners and other relevant people linked to the European sphere with the purpose to receive information, mutual help and professional enrichment.

– Create a website on the Internet provided with technological elements that allow the dissemination of experiences in European projects, such as thematically organized email lists.